Stampe since 1946

Since our grandfather Karl Viggo Stampe in 1946 founded the family company STAMPE, we have designed, produced and traded clothing for women throughout Denmark in our own stores and retailers.

Today we have a large selection of jackets and coats for women in the fur types, mink, fox, rex rabbit, lamb and seal. Over the years, we have also expanded our business, so that today we also sell the product groups down jackets, parka jackets, leather jackets, cashmere sweaters and a wide range of accessories, including sealskin mittens, leather gloves, fur hats and more. We hope to be able to help you dress properly with quality products at affordable prices.

We do not want to mass-produce our garments, but create a unique product that you are unlikely to see others wear.
Do not hesitate to contact us. We have 4 generations of experience in the industry.


Apperal for women

Stampe is a danish design company, that specializes in manufacturing of fur and leather garments.
The company is one of the largest and last fur companies in Denmark, that still does all of the design, manufacturing and sale in house. Today we have a big selection of fur coats in different fur types. We have Mink, Rex Rabbit, Fox, Lamb, Seal and Raccoon fur.

Explore Elegance with Stampe's Exclusive Danish Women's Collection

Discover a world of sophistication at Stampe, a leading Danish design company specializing in exquisite fur and leather garments. As one of Denmark's largest and last fur companies, we take pride in our in-house design, manufacturing, and sales, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.

Luxurious Fur Selection

Indulge in opulence with our diverse fur coat collection featuring Mink, Rex Rabbit, Fox, Lamb, Seal, and Raccoon fur. Stampe Denmark offers an unparalleled variety, promising fantastic selections at competitive prices with complimentary shipping. Find your perfect fur coat among our carefully curated options that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Down & parka

With a down jacket or parka jacket with real fur from Stampe, you are well dressed for all kinds of wind and weather. There is many different models and colors, you can find the perfect down jacket for your style and needs. Meet the winter with a down or parka jackets with real fur from Stampe.

Accessorize in Style

Elevate your ensemble with our exquisite range of accessories, including hats, shawls, capes, scrunchies, mittens, and gloves in both fur and leather. Stampe's accessories are not only crafted with precision but also offered at competitive prices from our own workshops. Explore high-quality seal mittens, fur hats, fox slippers, and more to complement your unique style.

Cashmere Comfort

In addition to our extensive outerwear collection, Stampe Denmark offers a luxurious selection of cashmere sweaters. Immerse yourself in the comfort and sophistication of our premium cashmere, perfect for embracing the colder seasons with style.

Complete Your Look

Stampe's commitment to excellence extends beyond apparel, offering a range of leather bags, wallets, scarves, hats, and other accessories to add the finishing touch to your ensemble. Each piece is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of exclusive Danish quality.

At Stampe, we invite you to explore our world of exclusive Danish fashion, where every garment and accessory is a testament to timeless elegance and uncompromising quality. Elevate your style with Stampe's exquisite collection for women.