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Down and parka jacket with real fur 

Discover the epitome of winter style with our collection of down and parka jackets featuring real fur. Stampe Pels ensures that you're fashionably prepared for any weather condition, offering a diverse range of models and colors to suit your unique style.

Embrace the winter season with the warmth and elegance of our down and parka jackets, each adorned with real fur. Our commitment to uncompromising quality ensures you stay warm and dry, making a fashion statement without sacrificing comfort. Whether you prefer the lightweight coziness of a down jacket or the timeless appeal of a parka, we have the perfect choice for you. Every jacket in our collection represents genuine quality and enduring style.

Choosing the right size is crucial for optimal comfort. Our selection includes various sizes, each tailored to specific measurements, ensuring you find the perfect fit. Say goodbye to settling for a jacket that's too small, too large, too long, or too short—discover the ideal down or parka jacket with real fur at Stampe Pels.

Explore our curated selection of jackets and coats from coveted brands, including Stampe, Levinsky, Rock and Blue, and Danwear. We strive to cater to every taste and preference, promising a down or parka jacket that suits your unique style. At Stampe Pels, our commitment to animal welfare ensures that each jacket is sourced responsibly, providing you with quality and conscience in one. Elevate your winter wardrobe with our fashionable and ethically sourced down and parka jackets featuring real fur.

The perfect parka jacket with real fur 

Do you also not want to compromise on quality and appearance? We guarantee that you will feel warm and dry in all our down and parka jackets with real fur. Whether you are for down or parka, we have the right choice for you. No matter what jacket you fall in love with, the coat will always be real quality.

The size is very important, as it is important to choose a jacket in the correct size for the best comfort. Therefore, you will find several different sizes according to specific measurements, so you do not have to settle for a smaller, larger, longer or shorter jacket than necessary. Find the perfect down or parka jacket with real fur with us.

Jackets and coats from coveted brands 

We want there to be a down jacket and parka jacket for every taste. Therefore, we have a wide selection of different brands, to be able to meet all wishes and needs. We have everything from Stampe and Levinsky to Rock and Blue and Danwear. At Stampe Pels, we also promise that the quality is in order no matter which jacket you choose. We care a lot about animal welfare, which is why we always make sure that animal welfare is ensured when we buy our skins.

We offer not only down and parka jackets with fur from well-known brands in our range, but also a wide selection of, among other things, cashmere and wool, vests and faux fur. Then move down into our exciting universe of jackets and coats, leather and suede, sweaters and other accessories, as well as a selection of fur care.

Benefits to you 

Nothing is too good for our customers. We are always ready to advise and guide you, so that together we can find the perfect down or parka jacket with real fur for you. It can be difficult to assess what size to have if you shop online. That is why we have developed a size guide for both men and women, which helps to find the right size for you. If you do not want to miss out on great offers and news, you are more than welcome to sign up for our newsletter. You can always contact us by phone, mail or visit us in one of our four stores. We look forward to hearing from you.




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