EST. 1869

We are the largest Levinsky retailer

At Stampe, we are proud to be retailers of garments from Levinsky, who is known for their exclusive quality designs in fur and leather. Since 1869, Levinsky has proudly supplied fur jackets and leather jackets to hundreds of thousands of customers.


Levinsky was founded in 1869 as a fur wholesaler in Denmark. Levinsky has taken great satisfaction in choosing the best skins for their premium collection, which de designed in collaboration with their skilled designers  Every purchase og Levinsky products guarantees our customers a one-of-a-kind, high-quality outfit.

Levinsky makes a variety of fur vests and jackets in the fur types:  Mink, Silver fox, Blue fox, Rex Rabbit, Seal, and Finn raccoon.

Levinsky is also recognized across the globe for their quality leather jackets. Every year, we provide their new leather jacket designs in interesting colors.

Levinsky is based in Copenhagen.